About Aperture Optical Sciences

The name comes from the term “Aperture”, an opening enabling the passage of light, and symbolizes what we provide our customers and employees–a pathway for new ideas and creative solutions using light.

Our mission is to generate value for our customers by providing the highest performance optical systems resulting from a commitment to innovation and excellence

We develop and employ advanced technology for making high resolution satellite telescopes, aspheric mirrors, SiC optics, optics for high energy lasers, and we engage in the developmental processes of advanced materials. AOS optics are deployed in:

  • Aircraft Vision Systems
  • Industrial Scanners
  • Research Facilities using Advanced Lasers
  • Remote Sensing Applications

Our principal products are Silicon Carbide optics, Aspheric mirrors, laser optics, and Optronic Systems such as beam expanders, large aperture optical mounts, and telescopes. Our customers use our optics in aerospace imaging technologies, high energy lasers, airborne vision systems, remote sensing, and a variety of scientific research applications. We are an independent US-owned corporation located in Central Connecticut with partners in Europe and Japan.

We provide some of the most innovative precision optics and systems made today

In addition to the products we design and produce, we also provide the products of Okamoto Optics Works, and Mersen OptoSiC to our North American customers.


Customer Care Program

At AOS, we want to be not only expert technologists, but the type of company you enjoy doing business with.

AOS takes its Customer Care Program seriously, because it is the underlying foundation of our client relationships. We want your experience with AOS to be pleasant and efficient. We want you to have confidence that we will provide you with the highest quality products and services. We believe in open, accessible communication with our customers to provide a unique collaborative relationship. To achieve this we strive to provide:

  • Easy online access to the status of your order
  • Accessible, secure online storage of project & quality data
  • Friendly support and service
  • Bi-weekly status updates
  • Project Schedules
  • Online video meeting access
  • Comprehensive logistics support for visits to AOS with discounted hotel rate