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    Aspheric systems offer the advantages of compact geometry, simplification in optical design over spherical optics, and enhanced performance. Used throughout sophisticated optical systems today, AOS manufactures parabolas, hyperboloids, ellipsoids, cylinders, toroids, and higher order aspheric surfaces.

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    Custom Optics Products

    AOS and Okamoto Optics have collaborated to provide a full range of optics manufacturing capability. AOS provides aspheric optics manufacturing and other specialty optics for ITAR restricted projects in its Connecticut facility and fast-turn of prototypes and developmental optics for its US customers.

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    High Energy Laser Optics

    Making optics with high laser damage threshold requires a comprehensive approach to process design and control. We’ve invested into both R&D and special equipment to provide our customers with unique capabilities. Some of our unique capabilities derive from strategic partnerships worldwide.

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    Mounts & Optronics

    We design custom mounts and fixtures to make your testing requirements more accurate and easier to use. From beam expanders, to reference mirror mounts, interferometer expansion systems and modular mount sytems, Aperture Optical Sciences has the facilities and expertise to provide what you need.

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    SiC Optics

    AOS has pioneered an industry-leading process for manufacturing SiC optics for industry, defense, and research applications. We are now employing and continue to pioneer manufacturing techniques to enable the insertion of composite ceramic materials into next generation technology.


AOS Science & Technology

The manufacturing of tomorrow’s advanced optical components and systems requires constant innovation and a relentless commitment to thorough engineering. Here at AOS, we employ advanced new technologies for high-resolution optical metrology, robotic polishing, and innovative new methods for materials processing.

AOS presents new products at Photonics West

AOS presented the combined products of AOS, Mersen OptoSiC, and Okamoto Optics at Photonics West 2014.  Featured new products included Ceramic YAG amplifier slabs, AOS 2-axis and 5-axis modular mounting systems for large aperture high energy laser systems, and Mersen OptoSiC silicon carbide scanning mirrors Read More

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